Full on Communication with Students and Parents using Technology!

I have been a technology devotee for a long time and have paid attention to its development, especially from the first personal computers to the rise of the internet. I want to leverage all of the advantages that technology affords… Continue Reading →

#Richmondflips Press Release

  Thomas Jefferson High School Social Studies teachers Mark Poley and Connor Dolson have started a new community for Richmond Public Schools teachers around the exciting technology driven education model called the “Flipped Classroom”. They would like to invite educators… Continue Reading →

Dolson Progress Update 3: Working through a unit

I decided that, because this is my first time designing a year’s worth of World History II material, I needed to have a better sense of what content I was going to be teaching before I continued planning the logistics… Continue Reading →

Twitter update

At yesterday’s #flipclass I was able to try out a twitter add-on “TweetDeck”. This is a cool tool to view, and track: multiple twitter chats people searches following your favorite interests all at the same time in an easy… Continue Reading →


Having been around in this modern software laden world, I have become quite used to software companies coming out with new and improved versions of their software. They want us to buy these upgrades of software we have all come… Continue Reading →

Using Twitter for good instead of evil.

So I am flipping my classroom. Can Twitter work to the benefit of my students and aid in my professional development? One thing I have learned, there seems to be a sizable community of educators networking via twitter. I searched… Continue Reading →

Dolson Progress Update 2: A Youtube Sage?

I have a secret and it’s somewhat embarrassing. I have an ulterior motive for flipping my classroom. Making flipped videos gives me a great excuse to blab about history. I really love talking. Well, to be more specific, I think  that… Continue Reading →

Dolson Progress Update 1: A Tale of Two Preps or The Benefits of Obsessive Reading

Let me be real. I am daunted by the immense conceptual work required to plan my first year’s curriculum on top of preparing engaging flipped videos and designing a well-oiled, tech-infused, compassionate classroom. Sure, I’ve planned units and even larger chunks… Continue Reading →

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